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10% Diversity Pledge

10% Diversity Pledge

The Opportunity team believes the future success of the title industry lies in the establishment of enduring and diverse human capital pipelines. At Opp LS, this is achieved in collaboration with our partners and by offering a variety of resources—including educational, financial, and mentorship—to our interns and employees. The organization has firmly integrated its diversity objectives and strategies into its bylaws. Moreover, it demonstrates its commitment to diversity through two specific pledges.

The first pledge involves earmarking ten percent of our net premium income to foster the recruitment, mentorship, and sponsorship of diverse budding professionals. We use this funding to promote our diversity-focused mission within the industry and extend support to the educational institutions we recruit from. In addition, five percent of our employee’s working hours are committed to volunteering actively in initiatives that align with our mission. These activities include mentoring in under-resourced regions after school hours.

The second pledge is our involvement with the SALESFORCE Pledge 1% program. As a part of this initiative, Opportunity has pledged to allocate 1 percent of the company’s time and income towards assisting underserved high schools in the NYC area. Doing so creates a supportive and diverse environment where future generations can learn, grow, and succeed.

Pledge 1%

Help support nonprofits in your community.

In addition, Opportunity has and will continue to support many institutions as part of our diversity program: