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Diversity in CRE

Diversity in CRE – MUCH MORE TO BE DONE 

Recruiting, mentoring and sponsoring diverse teammates is an intensive and long process, which has made realizing post-George Floyd DEI commitments challenging. The CRE industry has continued to struggle with a lack of diversity.

Title insurance is 97% un-diverse in the senior legal, sales and management levels. The fact that the process that starts and ends every transaction (title insurance) is almost entirely one color, is something the industry can and should address.


Diversity-driven Opportunity Land Services will actively work to promote diversity in the title supply chain. We will recruit, mentor, and sponsor young professionals from traditionally underresourced communities and set them up for sustainable careers in title. Sponsors, lenders, LPs, and law firms can immediately impact their diversity goals by naming Opportunity Land Services as a co-insurer, and later a lead, in their closings–at no expense. We will invest 10% of our net premium into our diversity-focused programming efforts.

As an innovative start-up led by experienced professionals from the title and other financial services industries, and supported by some of the largest investors in the world, we will adopt state-of-the-art business engineering, grow our own talent, and build a unique culture highlighted by diversity, youth, performance, and innovation. Commercial title is an industry that has done things the same way for decades–it’s time for change.